Primitive Cradle & Friends

Cradle, Antique Doll Quilt, Doll & Shoes

Antique handmade doll cradle reminds me of something from the Prairie days.
Measures approx. 10 1/4" x 18"
Kindly asking $118 (ppd in USA)

Antique doll quilt (or wall-hanging) in shades of red with black print borders.
Measures approx. 20" x  21"
Kindly asking $58 (ppd in USA)

Old cloth doll with hand drawn face. Measures approx. 21"
Kindly asking $36 (ppd in USA)

Adorable old baby shoes in pretty good condition.
Kindly asking $22 (ppd in USA)

These items display wonderfully under the Christmas tree and can still be used all year.